This Privacy Policy is part of the General Conditions governing the websites (hereinafter, the Websites or the Webs):

And the following apps (hereinafter, the APPs):

In accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data, and in accordance with the provisions of Articles 13 and 14 of Regulation EU 2016/679, General Regulation on Data Protection, through this Privacy Policy, the User is informed of the following:

Responsible for the processing of personal data

SITUM TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. (hereinafter SITUM, or the Responsible Party), with registered address at Emprendia Building, Campus Vida, Floor -1, Zona húmeda, 15782 (Santiago de Compostela) and Tax Identification Number B70401229, is responsible for processing the data provided by users ("Users") through the Web.

You can contact SITUM by postal mail at the above address, by e-mail at, or by telephone at +34 881 97 70 59.

We reserve the right to modify or adapt this Privacy Policy at any time, so please review it.

Data processed


The responsible party will process the identification and contact data that the user provides through the contact form, registration forms and user accounts of the Websites or APPs, or when contacting the responsible party via email, as well as other data that the user includes when establishing such contact. In addition, SITUM may treat the IP address, operating system or browser used by the user, and even the duration of the visit, anonymously.

Thus, the data will be treated with the following purposes:

The processing of data is based on the acceptance and consent of the interested party: in those cases where in order to make a request it is necessary to fill in a form and click on the submit button, its completion will necessarily imply that the user has been informed and has expressly given his/her consent to the processing of his/her data in accordance with this privacy policy.

If you do not tick the checkbox to accept the privacy policy, the submission of the information will not be allowed.


Personal data collected through the APPs installed on a device will be processed by SITUM, including the location of the user if expressly consented. Such consent is given at the moment that the user accepts that the APPs may access his location. In any case, such acceptance will be prior to beginning to use the APP in the device.


The personal data available in the Social Networks profiles, as well as those that the user provides to the Responsible party when contacting him/her through this channel, will be treated with the purpose of:

In this case, the processing is based on the acceptance of a contractual relationship in the social network environment that applies, and in accordance with its privacy policies, so it is recommended that the user consults them.

SITUM will only be able to consult or cancel the data in a restricted way as it has a specific profile. These data will be treated as long as the user allows it through the different interactions that each social network allows. The user must make any rectification of the data or restriction of information or publications through the configuration of his/her profile in the social network itself.


In the "CAREER" section, SITUM provides the user with the e-mail address, created to manage recruitment processes. In this sense, the Responsible party will treat the data he/she receives, both identification and contact data, as well as those contained in the CV that the candidate attaches, for the following purposes:

The legal basis for the described treatment is the unequivocal consent of the candidate when sending his/her CV.

One year after the receipt of a curriculum vitae, SITUM will proceed to its safe destruction.

Processing of third party data

As a general rule, the Responsible party will only process the data provided by its owners. In the event of receiving data from third parties, such persons must first be informed and asked for their consent, or else the SITUM will be exempt from any liability for failure to comply with this requirement.

Children's data

SITUM will not process data from children under 14 years of age. Therefore, the user must refrain from providing them if he or she is under that age or, if applicable, from providing data from third parties under that age. SITUM disclaims any liability for failure to comply with this provision.

Commercial communications by electronic means

If you give your express consent by checking the appropriate checkbox, SITUM will send commercial communications to the email address provided. The Responsible party will store the email in the database and will send periodic emails until the user requests the cancellation, an option that will be available in any communication. The purposes of this particular processing consist of:

Security measures we apply

SITUM has adopted an optimal level of information security, putting the means and adopting the appropriate technical and organizational measures according to the state of technology to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access or theft of Personal Data.

Communication to third parties

The personal data of users may be transferred to:

In the event that any of the assignments involves an international transfer of data when using American applications, it will adhere to the Privacy Shield agreement, which guarantees that American software companies comply with European data protection policies regarding privacy.

Rights of the user

The regulation on data protection, recognizes that the user has a series of rights, which SITUM as Responsible party is obliged to satisfy:

To facilitate the process and comply with the principle of accuracy of the data, if any data is modified, the Responsible party asks that the user communicates said modification.

To exercise the aforementioned rights, the user can request a form from SITUM, or use those provided by the Spanish Data Protection Agency or third parties. These forms must be signed electronically or accompanied by a photocopy of a valid ID; In case of representation, a copy of the user's ID must be attached or signed by an electronic signature. The forms can be presented in person, sent by letter or by mail at the address of the Responsible party at the beginning of this text.

Depending on the exercised right, SITUM will take a maximum of one month to respond from the date of receipt of the request, and two months if the subject is very complex, in which case the user will be notified.


The Web uses Cookies, if you wish to know more about them, you can do so by accessing our Cookies Policy.

For more information about the conservation periods, you can consult the following table:

File Document Conservation
Clients Invoices 10 years
Forms and coupons 15 years
Contracts 5 years
Human Resources Payrolls, Social Security documents, etc. 10 years
Resumes Until the recruiment process, and 1 year more with your consent
Redundancy payment documents
Temporal workers’ data
4 years
Worker’s file. Until 5 years after leaving.
Márketing Databases or web visitors. While the data processing lasts
Suppliers Invoices 10 years
Contracts 5 years
Access control and video surveillance List of visitors 30 days
Videos Block for 30 days
Delete after 3 years
Accounting Books and Accounting documents
Partner and administration council agreements, society statutes, minutes, regulation of the board of directors and delegated committees.
Financial statements, audit reports.
Records and documents related to grants
6 years
Fiscal Documents related to the administration of the company, rights and obligations related to the payment of taxes.
Administration of dividend payments and tax withholdings.
10 years

Information about the intra-group price establishments
18 years.
8 years for intra-group transactions for agreements of prices
Security and health
Medical Records of Workers
5 years
Environment Information on chemical or substantially dangerous substances 10 years
Documents related to environmental permits while the activity is being carried out. 3 years after the closing of the activity.
10 years (crime prescription)
Records on recycling or waste disposal 3 years
Subsidies for cleaning operations, where the company must keep the documents of rights and obligations, receipts and payments. 4 years
Reports on accidents 5 years
Insurance Insurance policies 6 years (general).
2 years (damages).
5 years (personal).
10 years (life).
Purchases Registers of all deliveries of goods or services, intra-community acquisitions, imports and exports for VAT purposes. 5 years
Legal Documents of Intellectual and Industrial Property.
Contracts and agreements.
5 years
Permits, licenses, certificates 6 years from the expiration date of the permit, license or certificate.
10 years (crime prescription)
Confidentiality and non-competition agreements Always during the term of the obligation or of the confidentiality
Treatment of personal data, if different from the treatment notified to the AEPD
3 years
Personal data of employees stored in the networks, computers and communications equipment used by them, access controls and internal management / administration systems 5 years