Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Situm and its components

Situm RTLS

Expand/Collpase What is it?

Situm RTLS is the name of our location technology for smartphones. It works as an indoor GPS, which allows to place objects and people inside any venue.

Expand/Collpase What does RTLS stand for?

RTLS stands for Real Time Localization System, so it’s referred to a location system in real time.

Expand/Collpase What is its operating frequency?

By default Situm RTLS calculates a new position estimation of a smartphone every second, however the frequency of calculation is configurable up to a maximum of 10 times per second.

Expand/Collpase What level of accuracy can be achieved?

Our advanced artificial intelligence and information knowledge fusion have allowed us to develop a unique location algorithm, able to use all available sensors in modern smartphones collaboratively. For this reason, Situm RTLS has very high levels of accuracy compared with similar systems: in a building with clearly defined areas the error average is around 1 meter, while in open spaces such as train stations or airports the error average is around 2,5 meters.

Expand/Collpase Is it compatible with any smartphone?

Yes, our technology is compatible with any 4.1 + Android smartphone and 8+ iOS phone. However accuracy varies from one device to another depending on the sensors.

Expand/Collpase Does it work outdoors?

Yes, it’s possible to use this technology outdoors. However, it’s appropriate to question the utility involved, since the indoor positioning technologies are developed to replace lost GPS signal indoors, not replace them outdoors.

Expand/Collpase Does it support multiple level buildings?

Yes, Situm RTLS able to automatically detect what level we are.

Located based solutions

Expand/Collpase What solutions does it offer?

Indoor location and navigation systems are useful in a lot of areas. If you’re interested in our technology, you should contact us in order to analyze your specific case. However, we present the next solutions:

  • Indoor location and turn-by-turn navigation.
  • User/client research. Analysis of buying habits: heat maps, time in shop, market research, movement patterns, etc.
  • Resource management. Control of security routes or information about the position of employees and equipment in real time.

More information about this topic on our blog

Expand/Collpase Why to incorporate indoor location services is a good idea?

To incorporate location and navigation services entails an users experience improvement in our installations, because of we facilitate their stay and we adapt to their needs. In addition, this service adds value to the managers of these spaces, which will know updated information about what is happening in each of its venues to react appropriately and on time.

Expand/Collpase What is a turn-by-turn navigation?

Our turn-by-turn navigation consists of guiding a person to a specific point by including detailed instructions to follow the route from your current position. This guide can also be done through audio instructions.

Expand/Collpase What is a user study based on positioning?

Situm RTLS collects information about visitors to a large area. From these data it’s possible to perform various studies on the habits of clients, depending on their exact locations or preferences for product selection. These studies based on positioning allow users to know the customer better and carry out the necessary measures to meet their needs. Some of the options we offer are:

  • Studies on the movement patterns of the customers of a commercial space
  • Studies concerning the positioning marketing ROI
  • Different aggregate and percentage statistics on visits to a space

Expand/Collpase What is resource management?

When we talk about resource management, we refer to the complex process of controlling the location of equipment and personnel in large spaces. RTLS can provide the location of each employee or an object in real time inside any installation; it results very useful in health services, security or emergency, as it would allow to resolve faster critical situation. This option incorporates communication tools between employees, such as generating alerts based positions.

Expand/Collpase Is RTLS designed for a specific building?

Situm RTLS is designed for indoors without installations requirements or conditions. This is a multi-sensorial technology, so that it’s able to operate with a wireless network such as Bluetooth beacons and in most cases it isn’t need an hardware investment. Furthermore, if an issuing device (AP, iBeacon, etc) disappears, the system adapts itself to the new conditions and continues to operate as if the device had never been existed.

Expand/Collpase What are our technology advantages?

Accuracy. Its error margin is minimal due to the fusion of different sensory sources: Wi-Fi, magnetometer, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and user movement prediction based on inertial sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope). Unlike other solutions, our technology doesn’t allow inconsistent position jumps of an user: for example, our system prevents the trajectories pass through walls or estimated position jump between rooms without the user moves.

Its flexibility, along with a quick and easy installation: it doesn’t require investment in specific hardware, because it integrates with the existing network of sensors in buildings.

Its ability to adapt to changes. If a sensor stops emitting radio signal, Situm RTLS is able to continue to function, as if it had never existed.

Its sensors high robustness and tolerance to environmental interference. Thus, the positioning engine is capable of modeling the interference caused by most everyday situations through advanced artificial intelligence techniques vanguard.