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Why Situm MRM, the solution for employee tracking and management through indoor positioning, works without dedicated infrastructure?

Why Situm MRM, the solution for employee tracking and management through indoor positioning, works without dedicated infrastructure?

Staff tracking and monitoring inside large buildings is a possibility that more and more companies are considering in order to audit and optimize their processes. But not all solutions require the same infrastructure.

Once companies have become aware of the benefits that knowing where each employee is at all times entails, the next question they are faced with is: How much will I need to invest in infrastructure considering that GPS does not work indoors?

As an answer to this question we have developed Situm MRM, a solution for the management of workforces through indoor geolocation whose technological basis is our smartphone locating and positioning system, which uses existing infrastructure in buildings.

What is the key to Situm’s technology?

The core technology behind Situm’s indoor positioning system is an algorithm that  collects pre existing information in buildings (magnetic fields, Bluetooth and
Wi-Fi) and combines it with data from inertial sensors in smartphones (compass, gyroscope, accelerometer). By this way, it locates a smartphone with a precision around 5 meters without the use of additional hardware. 

This solution, in addition to not requiring investment in infrastructure, allows for the system’s deployment without interfering with daily activities and doesn’t require additional maintenance to the building.

What do I need to implement Situm MRM?

Situm MRM is a ready-to-use solution that does not require dedicated infrastructure. The solution is deployed in three simple steps:

  1. Load the map of the building in which you want to deploy the solution into Situm MRM Dashboard.
  2. Calibrate the building by registering the different signals available in it with Situm Mapping Tool app.
  3. Install the Situm Tracker app on the smartphones of the employees youwant to monitor (security personnel, maintenance and cleaning staff, customer service...).

A process without any masonry work, wiring or work interruption.

So, Shouldn’t I install beacons?

If you are familiar with solutions based on indoor positioning, you have probably heard of beacons. A Beacon is a device widely used in the deployment of solutions based on indoor location. It works by continuously emitting BLE signals.

Situm’s technology does not need it because existing WiFi networks in buildings usually provides enough coverage. It is only necessary to avoid the use of iPhone or Android 9 mobile phones because their respective operating systems don’t allow the continuous WiFi signal scanning.

In the same way, in the cases in which large outdoor spaces are included in the building, or there are places without coverage, beacons can be used to amplify pre existing signals; however, these are very particular cases and the investment in these devices is always going to be minimal.

You can find out more information about Situm MRM in our website or contact us through this  form in case you’re interested in managing your workforce through indoor geolocation. 


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