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Why is Situm the best indoor positioning system to integrate indoor navigation in apps?

Why is Situm the best indoor positioning system to integrate indoor navigation in apps?

Most of us have felt the awkward feeling that comes from entering a large building and not knowing how to get where we want to go because we don’t have clear indications on how to get there. A feeling that worsens if we are already late to our doctor’s appointment, boarding gate or the meeting room where we have an appointment with an important client. In Situm we have developed a solution based on indoor positioning with high precision and minimal infrastructure, easy to implement and integrate into any corporate app, that sets a real difference in the client experience.

On large and complex buildings like airports, fairgrounds, hotels, office buildings, hospitals or malls, improving users’ experience by facilitating their orientation through the spaces in which they transit is essential. Their managers would have to decide between different options when addressing the problem:

  • Through traditional signage, which loses effectiveness if too many indicators are needed, and is not very versatile if the use of the spaces is variable, e.g., to indicate spaces where events are held.
  • Integrating a map into an app to visualise the route to a destination, which is not very useful if it does not automatically detect the user’s location, since they do not usually know what part of the building they are in.
  • Through a guiding app based on an automatic user location system whose greatest handicap is to overcome the barrier of not being able to use GPS indoors, because it does not work. This option is often difficult and expensive to install and maintain because of the need to use complex hardware.

Our indoor wayfinding solutions overcome these barriers by providing answers to the main challenges:

  • A core technology for robust and reliable indoor positioning with high precision, minimal infrastructure and fast deployment.
  • The tools to integrate indoor navigation functionality on an app quickly and simply.
  • A dashboard to flexibly manage cartography, points of interest and routes according to the building manager’s needs.


Situm’s wayfinding solution is characterized for its easy implantation and because it does not require complex installations or large investments and it is done in record time. The key to this is a technology that overcomes the absence of GPS signals inside buildings by taking advantage of the WiFi and Bluetooth infrastructure already present in them. The algorithm developed by Situm combines this data with the one provided by the inertial sensors of the mobile phone, allowing the system to locate the smartphone with an average precision of 5 metres, more than enough to guide the user through the inside of the building.


Beside our indoor location technology, we supply developers with the necessary resources to easily integrate the guiding system on an app:

  • Manuals
  • Code Examples
  • Support in all stages of the process, from planning to implementation and maintenance.


Besides advantages for the visitor, our geolocation system allows to improve service delivery based on all the information collected during their stay. Because every client leaves a distinct footprint of their activity from the moment they enter the premises. Their routes are recorded at all times, even on areas without coverage, allowing the manager to get valuable information from the analytics that Situm Dashboard provides in regards to the use of the space.

  • Heatmaps to visualise the amount of visitors per area.
  • Graphs on the number of visitors per day.
  • Duration of visits.


Situm’s SDKs allow the integrators that manage a geomarketing platform to detect the entry and exit of a user in an area and therefore send him a promotional notification.

On the other hand, the tool to create events also allows the manager to activate notifications on the visitor’s mobile phone according to their location thanks to our geofencing tools. Situm’s polygonal geofencing tool allows the delimitation of polygonal areas inside a building, which favors more complete analytics and the deployment of  more precise geomarketing promotions.

These are only a few of the highlights of Situm’s indoor navigation system. Our experience in the deployment of our solution in hospitals, airports, malls, corporate offices and fairgrounds allows us to anticipate needs and problems that may arise during the deployment of a wayfinding solution. If you want us to take a look at your case or apply for a free demo, do not hesitate to contact our team.





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