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Situm works with BFA to optimize the logistic in factories through location

Situm works with BFA to optimize the logistic in factories through location

Situm platform can monitor the position of forklifts, AVGs and logistic trains inside factories, getting reports of the use of the assets, areas where they move, etc.

Situm is invited again to participate in Business Factory Auto, the initiative which focuses on identify and impulse automotive specialized projects, working together to optimize logistics in factories through location.

The Situm’s project adapt its indoor positioning and navigation technology to be used inside factories of the automotive industry, although it may be applied in other sectors. In this way, the system can locate other elements apart from people, like forklifts, AVGS and logistic trains, and to do so from devices other than a smartphone.

Thus, facility managers will able to know all time the position of their vehicles, besides getting reports of the use of this assets, areas where they move, etc…

This technology is especially useful for use in factories due to its easy deployment, its accuracy and its capability to work in environments with high electromagnetic interferences.

BFA is a joint initiative driven by the Office of Economy, Employment and Industry of the Government of Galicia, Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Vigo, PSA Group and CEAGA (Galicia’s Automotive Companies Cluster).

Situm had already been invited to the first edition of BFA.

Reaching “the factory of the future”

The PSA Group, one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, recently selected Situm as one of the world’s best startup, and invited the company to the Booster Day. The event, held last september, showed the innovations that could help to reach “the plant of the future”.

500 PSA technicians and more than 50 of its providers and partners, besides representatives of PSA factories from around the world, saw first-hand how Situm’s technology can optimize the logistic thanks to its indoor positioning platform.