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Situm participates in the Principia Program

Situm participates in the Principia Program

The GAIN initiative facilitates the incorporation of young university graduates into the job market

Situm participates in the Principia Program, a GAIN (Galician acronym for Axencia Galega de Innovación -Galician Innovation Agency-) initiative with the support of the Government of Galicia. This way, Situm contribute to facilitate the incorporation of young talents into the job market.

About Situm

Situm is a worldwide leading provider of high precision/minimal infrastructure indoor location technology. From Hospitals, Airports, Malls and Train Stations to Malls, Museums, Public Buildings or cutting-edge smart devices providers, Situm praised technology is present in endless applications, venues and devices, trying to make life easier for any user, wherever he is, whatever device he has.