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Situm joins the Neotec Program

Situm joins the Neotec Program

The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology finances the implementation of new technological business projects

Situm Technologies joins the Neotec Program, the plan of aid for new projects of innovative companies for the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), thanks to its accurate indoor location for smartphones.

The Neotec, whose final decision was recently published, finances business projects that require the use of technology or knowledge developed from research activity, with high potential for scalability and a business strategy based on technological development.

In this regard, Situm joins the program with its own technology and R&D line that have served as a differential factor, highlighting from many other quality and competitive proposals that have been submitted to this call. The granting of the Neotec will help Situm to improve their disruptive platform and its scalability.

Indoor location and navigation

Situm is a global provider of indoor location present in many applications and around the world, from airports, hospitals, shopping centers to train stations, museums and public buildings. Its technology is installed in more than 20 medical centers in Spain, highlighting the Lucus Augusti University Hospital (HULA).

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