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Situm attended to  Booster Day PSA Group

Situm attended to Booster Day PSA Group

For second consecutive edition, Situm has participated, with another 60 partners of Europe PSA, in the third annual Booster Day PSA Group, held at the Poissy plant in Greater Paris on 10 October.

In 2017 Situm assisted to Booster Day to introduce its technology to optimize indoors logistics through assets tracking. After its great acceptance, in 2018 we returned with the goal to consolidate our technology in other group’s manufacturing facilities.

Booster Day is now a key date in the calendar for our teams and our partners,” said Yann Vincent, Executive Vice President, Manufacturing & Supply Chain for Groupe PSA. “It allows us to identify solutions to the issues we are facing, and test them quickly in our plants. It’s an exciting, sometimes disruptive experience, so it’s very stimulating for the manufacturing teams.”

In this sense, PSA Group highlighted as an example Situm´s proposal presented last year, trialled at the Sochaux plant, and rolled out to other Group manufacturing facilities: GPS indoor positioning to optimises the flow of forklift traffic by analysing routes and locating vehicles in real time

This action is part of Situm´s strategy to expand its portfolio of solutions based in indoor positioning for automotive industry beyond specifics applications for autonomous drive.