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QITCOM 2017: bringing indoor positioning to transport industry

QITCOM 2017: bringing indoor positioning to transport industry

Situm was already present in large events like MWC, 4YFN, Web Summit or SPIN2016

Situm was present at QITCOM 2017, Qatar’s biggest digital event, selected to show its indoor positioning technology to transport industry.

QITCOM brings together the major international experts in smart technology, putting them in contact with entrepreneurs, innovators and key government decision makers.

Situm showed its indoor positioning and navigation technology working in real time before a wide crowd, with representatives of large companies and political figures among them, highlighting the specific features for the transport industry: assets location, guided routes, real time position viewfinder, indoor cartography, points of interest, location-based messages...

Representatives of companies in key sectors expressed their interest in Situm’s technology, from security to telecommunications, large airports or smart glasses manufacturers.