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Introducing TOURAL: innovative technologies for conferences, exhibitions and events

Introducing TOURAL: innovative technologies for conferences, exhibitions and events

The project, participated by Situm, Balidea and Nordesía, is co-financed by GAIN and supported by the Government of Galicia through Conecta PEME program.

Situm introduces TOURAL (Galician acronym for Tecnoloxías Orientadas á Ubicación, Realidade Aumentada e Lincaxe para ferias, recintos e eventos culturais -oriented technologies for position, augmented reality and exhibitions, fairgrounds and cultural events match-making-), a project orientated to develop innovative technologies for full interaction between professionals attending exhibitions, conferences and events.

This interaction will allow put in contact attendants with each other as well as with the event organizers. Also will enable attendants positioning and guidance both inside and outside the fairground. This tool will be complemented with visits to stands through augmented reality technologies.

The project will be used as a test for the Galician startup S-REC, specialized in the development of an events, activities and meetings real-time recommendations platform.

TOURAL is co-financed by GAIN (Spanish acronym for Agencia Gallega de Innovación -Galician innovation agency-) and the European Regional Development Found, with the support of the Government of Galicia, though the Conecta PEME program. This program has the objective of encouraging cooperation between SME and others relevant actors of the innovation regional system.

The project is participated by Situm, Balidea and Nordesía.

Specific data

Program: Conecta PEME 2016 (IN852A Procedure).

Budget: 862.390,17€. Co-financed by GAIN and the European Regional Development Found with the support of the Office of Economy, Employment and Industry of the Government of Galicia (up to a total of 456.636,17€).

Partners: Situm Technologies S.L., Balidea Consulting & Programming (consortium leader) and Nordesía Producións S.L.

Associated research centre: CTAG (Spanish acronym for Centro de Automoción de Galicia -automotive technology centre of Galicia-).