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Forklift fleet optimization with indoor tracking

Forklift fleet optimization with indoor tracking

Large factories with a considerable number of forklifts and a continuous work shift require a lot of high-quality geo-information to optimize the fleet.

Geo-information obtained with indoor tracking provides a great overview about the forklifts working, which allows to achieve effective goals as reducing the number of vehicles. Besides that, it helps to prevent a stop on the work chain because of a supply breakdown.

By a well-managed fleet, products will arrive on time at their destination, forklifts will not stop working, and will not circulate with no load. These ones are critical goals in the internal logistics.

Considering that "what cannot be measured, cannot be optimized", many logistics managers wonder about how they can obtain accurate and continuous data from their forklift fleet activity, especially in indoor areas where GPS does not work.

Situm offers a solution for indoor assets tracking using smartphones. It is an accurate and cost-effective system, with fast deployment and a minimal infrastructure.

The core technology behind our solution is an algorithm to locate smartphones indoors. This algorithm merges the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth signals that already exist in the factory with the building’s magnetic field values and the data from the inertial smartphone sensors (accelerometer, gyrometer and compass). It means that no additional installation is required.

How can you obtain useful information of the forklift fleet activity using this algorithm?

Just by 4 simple steps using the different tools of Situm IPS platform:

1. Upload the building floor map into the dashboard.

2. Calibrate the building with a smartphone with Situm Mapping APP installed.

3. Place a smartphone with the Situm Tracker APP on each forklift that you want to track and monitor. The data collected by the APP is sent via an API to the system on which you can manage them to obtain the full information.

Since then, the logistic manager can improve the operation using continuous data about the forklifts activity: travelled distance, motion time, stops or routes on the map.

By this way, it is possible to take the best decisions.

Which ROI can I obtain deploying Situm indoor positioning system to track forklifts indoors?

Our system is highly recommended for large spaces where more than 10 forklifts are being used. The system ensures a powerful management and a worth data that open doors to optimize the fleet.