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Situm and CARTO: location intelligence and indoor maps

Situm and CARTO: location intelligence and indoor maps

The connection between Situm’s indoor positioning technology and CARTO’s location data visualization platform will allow their users to optimize any establishment management decision

Situm, developer of one of the most accurate indoor positioning technology, and CARTO, with its innovative location data visualization platform, partnered to create an application visualizing the flow of foot-traffic inside a shopping mall.

The connection between both technologies will allow users to obtain and visualize all kind of intelligent data about the use of their facilities: most busy areas, hours with the biggest inflow of customers, the time they spent into the store, entry and exits more used. This way, they will optimize any decision about planning, management and security inside the buildings (where to place a product or the best location for a emergency exit, for example).

Despite an exponential rise in mobile purchasing, the Department of Commerce reports that 90 percent of retail purchases are transacted offline. This means managing in-store traffic is critical to maintaining a competitive edge.


CARTO leads the world of location intelligence, providing organizations and general public with applications helping optimize processes and predict situations by leveraging location data. This apps are builds by developers or data analyst using CARTO’s self-service platform.

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Situm is a worldwide leading provider of high precision/minimal infrastructure indoor location technology. From Hospitals, Airports, Malls and Train Stations to Malls, Museums, Public Buildings or cutting-edge smart devices providers, SITUM praised technology is present in endless applications, venues and devices, trying to make life easier for any user, wherever he is, whatever device he has.