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Advantages of our indoor positioning technology

Advantages of our indoor positioning technology

Accuracy, veratility, minimal infrastructre, multi-level detection, and consistency of trajectories makes Situm the best solution

Nowadays there are a few technologies able to estimate the position of an smartphone indoors. Why should I choose Situm’s technology?

The estimation error is the most widely used feature when  comparing different indoor positioning technologies. However, there are many other factors that are equally important for many applications and therefore they should be taken into account. In this post we explain why our technology is a top performer  according to six of them:


Situm’s technology offers the highest accuracy in any venue regardless of the hardware that is available in it. In order to do this we combine the information of every sensor available using advanced data fusion techniques. Sensor information includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy  (BLE), magnetometer measurements and inertial sensors from an smartphone.


If an emitting device stops working or is switched off, our system is able to adapt to the new situation and keeps working as if that device never existed.

No additional hardware

Our indoor positioning system works interchangeably with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, or even with both at the same time. This allows us to use any hardware that is already available in a building, avoiding the installation of new hardware.


Unlike many other sistems, Situm’s indoor positioning engine is able to  handle floor levels efficiently. Our system detects level changes and switches automatically between floors in multi-storey buildings.

Position and orientation

Our system can estimate the complete trajectory followed by a person that carries an smartphone. This includes his orientation at every instant, therefore we can detect what he is paying attention to.

Consistency of trajectories

Situm RTLS can detect and correct inconsistent situations, like a trajectory that crosses a wall even if the user is not moving.

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